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Hi, I'm Chuck, the deranged genius behind Sub-Zero Squirrel. I grew up with video games (i.e. Pong and Atari), and now I make them for fun.

This is my home for the various things I do in the pursuit of generating entertainment for others. I'm a bit ADHD so I bounce around and never seem to finish anything all the way through, but I do make some pretty fun stuff. Have a look around, play some games, read some stories, and listen to some music!

BTW, the name Sub-Zero Squirrel was chosen via a random name generator...

Yes, I am open for commissions, both games and music.

You can reach me via email: Chuck(at) this webpage address


Free to play in your browser:


Download games for your Windows PC and more on!

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Music tracks created for games both published and not..

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