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Teratrons From Outer Space are Invading your Phones!

Coming soon to a mobile app store near you!

Teratrons From Outer Space

Bouncey Adventures

Bounce your kickball around the world.
We are looking for alpha testers as we build these adventures for you. Currently, we are only testing Android devices. If you would like to test out the game, and provide feedback, click here:

Join the Bouncey Adventures Alpha team

How Hamster Are You?

Huey the Hamster is our passion project. We want to take the time to devote some serious work to this game. We know you're going to love the results of this immersive, story-driven 2.5D scroller.

We're working on establishing accounts to gain access to the Xbox and PlayStation developers portals as well as publishing on Steam.

As a result, we've decided to go take this project to KickStarter to make sure we have all the resources needed to complete this epic game.

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